Crunchyroll #51: Yakiniku from EVERY ANIME EVER

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Crunchyroll #43: Manju from “Sakura Quest”

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Manju! Who would have expected that these little sweets would show up in Sakura Quest? Koharu, the main character, has been summoned out to a village that has been left behind by the times. Her job is to be their new Queen in the hopes of bringing tourism to the area. The village is a little old-fashioned and quaint, so I guess it makes sense that manju are featured as opposed to, say, a more trendy dessert, like pancakes or crepes. Manju are definitely a more traditional kind of sweet, typically filled with red bean paste. I actually haven’t tried manju in real life, as I’m not a huge fan of red bean paste. However, red bean paste is a traditional sweet in Japan and is commonly found in a lot of confections like mochi, anpan, taiyaki, and manju. 

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